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Clean Eating Meal Prep Tips and Ideas!

Do you ever find yourself hungry and staring blankly at the inside of your fridge wondering what to eat that’s healthy, will taste good and will satisfy your cravings? I know I find myself in this predicament more than I would like. But what if you could open your fridge, grab a perfectly placed container that is filled with nutrients, tastes good and won’t ruin your healthy lifestyle.

Would you be up to the challenge of prepping your daily meals and snacks for a no-hassle and worry-free way of eating?

Sometimes cooking a big meal in the morning, making school lunches along with work lunches then cooking dinner for a crowd can be time consuming, overwhelming and exhausting.

If you’re wanting convenience and ready to eat, on-the-go foods for you and your family then check out these easy, clean eating meal prep ideas!

Don’t be Afraid to Repeat:

Choose a few of your favorite meals and double or triple the recipe. You don’t have to make something new each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And having ready-made meals don’t always have to be in a casserole form. Instead try taking part of your day on a Sunday evening and grilling some chicken breasts or a whole salmon filet. This is a great way to get a weeks’ worth of already cooked, healthy protein to have on hand for your daily meals!

Batch Cook:

Cooking large amounts of ingredients will help when filling your containers for each meal or to just have on hand. Choose recipes or mix and match ingredients to cook up a big batch of ingredients to last through the week.

Here are some easy foods to batch cook:

Roasted Vegetables- these are great to add to eggs, salad or as a filling to corn tortillas for a veggie taco!

Quinoa-this high protein super food is great for breakfast served as oatmeal, can be added to a kale or spinach salad and acts as a great side dish to grilled salmon or chicken.

Grilled Protein- let it be chicken, salmon, steak, pork, shrimp or white fish, all of these are easy to cook in large amounts. Having already made meats on hand makes packing a yummy salad for lunch a lot easier. Add your pre-made meats to an easy zoodle dish or even to your scrambled eggs in the morning!

Hard Boiled Eggs- these are a must-have in my household. Not only are hard boiled eggs super easy to make in large batches, but they are so versatile when it comes to eating them! Of course, they are an easy grab for on-the-go breakfast like avocado toast or adding to a salad! Try taking the yolk out and filling each egg-white with a teaspoon of hummus for a great snack idea!

Brown Rice- this is another healthy ingredient that is easy to make and make a big batch of for a side dish or main course idea! Use your grilled protein to make brown “fried” rice or adding to a salad.

Prep and Plate:

Meal-prep containers will be your new best friend. Think Bento Box. Not only do they come in different sizes and number of compartments they are reasonably priced!

Fill each compartment with your pre-made foods and you’re ready to go! This is where you can get creative with your ingredients you made in big batches too!

Now figuring out what to eat is easy! Just grab your pre-made meal container and go! Click here to view or purchase your meal-prep containers!

Be Mindful of Food Safety:

Most foods can last 3-5 days in the fridge, while some can last up to two weeks. If you’re making something on Sunday that you won’t be eating until Friday, sometimes freezing the container is a good way to help the food you make last!

Mini Meal Prep:

I always do this after I get home from the grocery store and it’s something I now have to do to stay sane! I always take my fresh veggies like leafy green lettuce or celery stalk, etc. and I wash it very well, dissect from the root and wrap it in a paper towel and put it into a large zipper lock baggie. This not only helps keep the product fresher longer, the produce is free of dirt and ready to use! Don’t forget to wash your fresh fruits too!

Prepping your meals is not something that you always have to do but if you’ve been finding yourself just snacking throughout the day or tired of always cooking, the convenience and ease of knowing your meals are planned out for you can give you more time to focus on other important things in your life!

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