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E-Visits 101

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing goes the way you planned? The alarm clock didn’t go off, the kids are sick, your car won’t start and the worst…you’re out of coffee! All of these set-backs can snowball throughout the day causing missed appointments, forgone errands, and unattended meetings.

Que "shimmer of light" and voila!

The doctor’s appointment you thought you were going to have to reschedule is now able to come to you!

Welcome E-Visits! Express Weight Loss Clinic now offers E-Visits or Electronic Visits, right from the comfort of your OWN home!

What is an E-Visit and how does it work? E-Visits are similar to an in-office visit; however, patients will see the staff and clinicians via a video-conference using a smart device. All you need is an electronic device that is video-enabled such as an iOS/Android, iPad/Tablet, or any smart device to begin your Electronic Visit.

Here are a few things you will need in order to utilize this service and are required to present to the staff during the video conference E-Visit:

  • Valid Government Issued ID

  • Form of Payment (Debit Card, Credit Card or with CareCredit)

  • A Weight Scale (For clinical reasons, the staff must be able to witness & document the patient’s current weight)

  • Blood Pressure Monitor/Cuff (For clinical reasons the staff must be able to witness & document current blood pressure and heart rate)

  • Measuring Tape (For clinical reasons the staff must be able to witness & documents the patient’s current measurements).

  • Video Enabled Device (PC/Mac with Webcam, Android/iOS Phone or Tablet)- Being required to show the clinician your weight scale readings, we recommend using an Android/iOS device that can be easily moved to present these readings.

  • A video conference application will need to be installed on your video enabled device prior to your scheduled visit.

All medical history and personal information can be submitted electronically and all prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacist for pick-up or you can choose to have them delivered directly to your home!

To start the E-Visit process go to the E-VISITS link from the main website page and you can begin the application process immediately!

Don’t have a scale, blood pressure cuff, or tape measure? Need to download the Zoom App for E-Visits? Have more questions? Visit the FAQ page for more information.

We are so excited to be able to offer this new, innovative process to EXWLC and we hope you take full advantage of it! If you have any questions regarding E-Visits, feel free to call your local office or visit our Facebook Page to message someone directly!

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