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Healthy Eating Tips & Tricks!

Here are a few easy tips to follow to help keep you on track in your weight-loss journey!

  1. Download a Food Tracker App- Tracking your food & calorie intake will not only hold you accountable of what you’re eating, but will help show you what you're eating and how you're eating.

  2. Take a selfie-Taking a picture of yourself once a week or every two weeks! It will help show weight-loss success and it will also keep you motivated!

  3. Stop emotional eating-There is a big difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Reaching for the bag of chips or box of cookies after a rough day at work will not resolve the issue, or is having that cookie because you lost an extra five pounds! Rewarding yourself with food can lead to bad food habits just as much as eating when you’re emotional. Listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry!

  4. Grocery Shop Online- Wal-Mart and other grocers have started on-line shopping and easy pick-up! Now the idea of shopping, especially if you’re hungry, can be avoided. Log in, fill up your cart and you’ll forgo the temptation to buy the family-size box of cookies and baked goods.

  5. Order the Kids Meal- If eating on the go is your only choice, opt for the kids’ meal instead. A junior cheeseburger from your local fast food joint has around 310 calories where a regular cheeseburger has around 590 calories! Even choosing a grilled chicken sandwich is only a little over 400.

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