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Pictured Left to Right:  

Ariana Flores, Licensed Master Esthetician; Supervising Physician and Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Trung Nguyen, DO; Kelsey Williamson, Licensed Cosmetician; Edwina Miller, RN BSN; Daniel Black, FNP; Brandi Malone, FNP

CLINICIANS:                                               AESTHETIC TEAM:

Trung Nguyen, DO                                     Edwina Miller, RN

Joey Flores, NP                                          Samantha Herrington, CL

Brandi Malone, NP                                     Kitzia Garcia, LE

Jennifer Robb, NP                                      Emily Gonzalez, LE

Stephanie Wilson, NP                                Ariana Flores, LE

Jessica Gould, NP                                      Kelsey Williamson, CL

Mayra Sindelar, NP

Jeremy Troyer, NP

Kripa Nepal, NP

Questions for our Providers?

Please call us at 903-592-5670, or reach out to us via email at

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