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Women's Sexual Health


 PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation 

PRP Injections are used to treat sexual dysfunction in women. This treatment uses a small sample of the patient’s blood to create a specially formulated serum rich with growth-stimulating plasma (PRP).  The PRP provides the necessary nutrients to increase desire and stimulation by initiating blood flow in the treatment area.  Biopsy studies show that when platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected, the stem cells multiply and grow new younger tissue. In the same way PRP regenerates the skin of the face, it appears PRP regenerates healthy vaginal tissue. So, using this same technology, this procedure works by using PRP to stimulate stem cells to grow healthier vaginal tissue. And, the whole procedure for processing the blood and injecting the growth factors takes under an hour in the doctor's office.


V Fit+

PRESCRIPTION ONLY at-home vaginal rejuvenation

No matter what age you are, intimate health should be a priority for all women. As your body changes through life's stages, including childbirth and menopause, the tissue and muscles of your pelvic floor weaken and stop functioning as they once did. Vfit is a revolutionary solution to restore them. It is ideal for symptoms like bladder leakage, dryness, and painful sex. After just 45 days of use, women have reported amazing results like 90% less bladder leakage and 82% improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength.

Innovative Technology
Vfit utilizes an innovative combination of technologies: Red and Infrared light, gentle heat, and therapeutic vibration.

Red Light Therapy
When our tissue absorbs light from LEDs, well-defined therapeutic benefits are generated. Light in the red and inf...

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