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V-fit for Valentine's day!

Your intimate health affects all aspects of your life, quality of life, emotionally, physically and socially. When you don’t feel your best, it can negatively impact your self-esteem and relationships. No matter what age you are, intimate health should be a priority for all women. As your body changes through life's stages, including childbirth and menopause, the tissue and muscles of your pelvic floor weaken and stop functioning as they once did. Most women do not feel comfortable bringing up their intimate health to their health care provider. As women, we do so much to care for others and meet everyone's needs but our own. Sexual health, on most days, it isn't even a thought!

Try asking yourself:

  • “What am I doing to maintain my intimate wellness?”

  • “Have I experienced any changes in my intimate wellness?”

  • "What can I do to improve my sexual health?"

At Express, we are comfortable having these conversations with our patients daily and treat their concerns with professionalism. We have several options for female sexual health and provide our patients with all the options.

One that has grown popular at all our locations is the "O-shot" paired with the V-fit wellness device.

The O-shot uses platelet rich plasma taken from your own blood and injected to the vagina and clitoris. We numb the area with topical anesthetic and proceed with smooth, precise injections. Treatment lasts minutes and is immediately available to use for sexual health. Benefits include: increased sex drive, heightened sensation, increased moisture, improved pelvic floor muscles, contraction of vaginal tissue and improved urinary incontinence. No downtime, no pain! Pair with the v-fit red-light technology and enhance your results for up to a year!

vFit is the world's first and only personal wellness device using patented red-light (LED) technology that’s been scientifically validated to deliver impressive results in a few short weeks. Vfit is ideal for symptoms like bladder leakage, dryness, and painful sex. After just 45 days of use, women have reported amazing results like 90% less bladder leakage and 82% improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength.

After using vFit for just 60 days:

• 89% felt increased sensation

• 91% felt increased natural hydration

• 95% felt improved intimate wellness

• 100% felt closer to their partners

Let this Valentine’s Day be the one for you to reconnect with your partner and start feeling like yourself again.

Contact us to learn more about vFit or schedule a consultation today.


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