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8 Ways to Cut 100 Calories From Your Diet Every Day!

If you're just beginning your healthy lifestyle journey and you're a bit confused on where to begin, look no further! Express Weight Loss provides many options for a successful healthy lifestyle as well give support and the tools for long-term weight loss success!

Using Express Weight Loss Clinic’s products and services are a great first step to take on your new lifestyle journey, but we can’t forget to incorporate what we eat and how we eat to help in that success. And, knowing what foods can help or hinder a successful weight-loss goal and healthy lifestyle journey is just as important as the products and services provided by Express Weight Loss Clinic!

Here are 8 ways to easily eliminate 100+ calories from your diet which can help jump-start anyone’s weight-loss journey!

Keep breakfast simple. Eating a complete breakfast will help rev up your metabolism and get you physically and mentally going for the day. Skip the donuts-one donut has 195+ calories or the sausage & egg biscuit that has 530 calories. Replace the junk with whole grains, proteins and healthy fats. Smoothies and protein shakes are other great ways to get your dose of daily nutrients!

My Tip: Here are some great, make-ahead healthy recipes to have on hand when you’re in a rush!

Take your coffee black. I know, enjoying your morning Latte or Frappuccino is delicious, but all the sugar, syrups, and heavy cream pack on a lot of calories you could be using elsewhere in your daily diet. A 16-ounce latte with 2% milk (no whipped cream or added sugar or syrup) is 190 calories while a 16-ounce white chocolate mocha with whipped cream packs a whopping 460 calories! If you need a little something in your drink, try adding a few splashes of cream (50 calories for a tablespoons) or half-&-half.

My Tip: Try coconut milk or almond milk for the same creaminess and a lot less calories!

Stop drinking real soda pop. Swapping a can of soda pop for water or unsweet iced tea will save you around 150 calories with a majority of that coming from sugar! And, there are other canned and bottled drinks besides colas that pack the same number of calories (think canned sweet tea, fruit drinks and energy drinks). If you quit drinking one 12-ounce can of soda pop daily, you will save 56,575 calories and over seven pounds of sugar every year!

My Tip: Chose sparkling water and add lemon or lime wedges or chose a flavored sparkling water to satisfy the bubbly sensation you get from soda pop!

Swap pasta and rice for veggies. Zoodles. That’s the trend these days. Whether you use zucchini, squash, sweet potato, beets or carrots all of these can made into zoodles; vegetables that look like noodles. Cauliflower is a great alternative to rice too! Top the cooked veggies with your favorite pasta sauce or any kind of sauce and you can save yourself up to 200 calories! You will also enjoy the added fiber and vitamins you will be getting from the veggies!

My Tip: Here is a great recipe using spaghetti squash for your noodles and adding this heart-healthy meat sauce to try in-place of your traditional spaghetti and sauce.

Order salad dressing on the side. Ordering a veggie and protein loaded salad is a great meal to have for lunch or dinner! What can make a healthy salad go bad is the unknown amount of salad dressing being mixed into the salad. Ordering the salad dressing on the side gives you the control of how much or how little dressing you need. A normal serving of salad dressing (be it oil or cream based) is around one-two tablespoons and about 75-110 calories. Also, don’t forget the additional toppings like cheese, croutons and in some restaurants, fried onion rings! Taking those extra toppings off will save even more unwanted calories!

My Tip: Dip your fork in the dressing then add the salad fixings to your fork! This gives you the right amount of dressing to your bite each time!

Cook more meals at home. Cooking at home allows you to know exactly what you’re putting in your body and gives you control over the amount of fats and calories to add to your meals. Also, when you cook at home you’re more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, less sodium, and saturated fats than you are when dining out. A study done by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heath showed that individuals that cooked at home on a regular basis (six to seven times a week) consumed fewer calories than those that ate outside the home. But, just because you’re cooking at home does not mean you should serve fried chicken and biscuits! Choose nutrient dense, wholesome recipes that provide the healthy macronutrients your body needs.

My Tip: Here are some great nutrient dense recipes and foods to add to your daily diet!

Share your meals: Sharing meals is a great way to have your cake and eat it too. That doesn’t mean order whatever you want, but either sharing a dinner plate or only eating half of it and taking it home. This tip can save some serious calories.

A study published by The Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, which also includes other recent research, shows that eating out at local and national chain restaurants is just as unhealthy as eating at the fast food kind. And, 92% of these restaurants (be it local or chain locations) average 1,200 calories per meal, which is MORE than half the daily recommended total caloric intake. So, taking home half of what you eat and enjoying it the next day or sharing that delicious entrée with your partner or BFF are great ways to cut back on those excess calories!

Healthify your comfort foods: It's inevitable you're going to crave those foods that make you feel good all over; you know those high-carb, high-fat and delicious sweet treats! Don't fret! You can satisfy that craving, you just need to get creative! Using vegetables and fruits in place of those starchy and sweet counterparts are great alternatives for typical comfort food dishes.

Here are a few suggestions:

Craving french fries? Use sweet potatoes in place of russet potatoes! Click HERE for a yummy baked sweet potato french fry recipe! You can also use zucchini's too for another delicious and nutritious alternative!

Wanting something sweet? Try a greek yogurt cheese cake in place of regular cheese cake! Click HERE for some delicious healthy dessert recipes!

Needing a slice of pizza? Try this awesome cauliflower crust pizza recipe! You won't miss all the carbs, sugars, and extra calories! Top with your favorite toppings to make this a week night go-to favorite!

These are some great calorie-saving tips, especially for those just starting their healthy lifestyle journey! You definitely don't need to follow all these tips at once or in the same day, instead take it one day at a time! You're already winning the battle by taking the steps to make a healthy lifestyle change!

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