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5 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition In Check While Traveling

Spring Break is days away and that means road trips, airplane rides and a week of freedom! But don’t let that freedom mean you’re taking time off of your healthy eating plan! It’s easy to want to give yourself a “hall pass” to over-indulge while on vacation but eating too much can do more damage than you may think.

Here are some great, healthy eating tips to follow for your upcoming travel!

  1. Eating Healthy Starts Where You Stop: Whether you are road tripping it or hanging out at the airport, you’re bound to get hungry. It’s making the correct choice on where and what to eat that can keep your healthy lifestyle on track or begin the downward spiral to all-around bad choices. If a fast-food joint is your only option, chose your meal wisely! However, if you’re able to stop at a grocery store you can find fresh fruit and fresh packaged veggies, nuts and even a salad bar are great choices!

  2. Eating plenty of protein and healthy fats: When you’re taking long hikes, playing hard on the beach or skiing down the black, it’s important to fuel your body with plenty of complete protein-ones containing essential amino acids. And, eating healthy fats like avocados, nut butters, oils, olives, walnuts, and salmon will not only aid in mental clarity but keep you satiated and your energy levels high!

  3. Avoid the “sugar-high” foods: Simply put, do your best to avoid processed, carbohydrate-high and sugar-laden foods. You may feel “good” after snacking on some Jiffy peanut butter and “butter” crackers, but you’ll soon feel sluggish and hungry sooner than you would like. Don’t forget about the non-dairy creamer and sweetener packets you put in your coffee or tea in the morning and the pre-packaged honey bun for breakfast can aid in a later crash & burn. Even excess alcohol can harm your healthy lifestyle journey.

  4. Drink lots of water: Water should be your best friend. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your water to enhance the taste too! Invest in a good water bottle and keep it filled and with you at all times. For those longs days in the hot sun or at the top of the mountain, keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important!

  5. Pack snacks for that unexpected hunger: If you’re doing a lot of extreme activity on your vacation or a lot of walking, hunger pangs may strike sooner than you think! Having small snacks on hand are great to tide you over until your next meal. Choose easy to carry snacks like, packaged unsalted, raw nuts, cheese sticks, fresh or dried fruit, fresh veggies, yogurt, hard boiled eggs or even homemade granola. And eat when you’re hungry. Consuming large amounts of food & calories in one meal is not always the best choice. If you’re hungry, eat!

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